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Robots vs Humans

Though the EP's name drums up sci-fi images of futuristic robots fighting heavily armed humans in some dark dystopian future, "Robots vs Humans" is a tribute to my own personal journey: a battle between the intensely logical and unpredictably emotional — between fitting in and standing out a little (or a lot) more than I’m comfortable with. As a woman on the spectrum, that’s had to find her own way for most of her life, it took me a while to discover what being me really meant; and even longer to wear it boldly. This EP is a dedication to me: the robot and the human.

Robots vs Humans EP

Hardware Is Eating the Universe

Images / Video Clips by RODNAE Productions

In 2011, Marc Andreessen published an article in the Wall Street Journal predicting "Why Software is Eating the World". In it, he expanded on the software industry's consumption of business processes, displacement of diverse industry value chains (introducing completely new verticals in some cases), and its delivery of new challenges to new kinds of companies, called "software startups", in ways that'll enable those (resilient enough to survive) to quickly dominate once the economy stabilized.Given this frame of mind, this song is also a nod to the critical point in human history that we currently find ourselves in. Though overshadowed by recent visible advances in foundational AI, we're in a place where we can intelligently evolve past our planet's atmosphere - thanks to our investments into space / industrial technologies. So, as software continues to eat the world (and our human psyche), hardware is beginning to eat the universe - which will lead to some of humanity's greatest future triumphs!

Robots vs Humans EP

Machine Code

Images / Video Clips by Pavel Danilyuk

Story coming soon...

Robots vs Humans EP

Learning, Fast and Slow

Images / Video Clips by Pavel Danilyuk

Story coming soon...

Robots vs Humans EP


Images / Video Clips by Pavel Danilyuk

Inspired by military music that bellows through medieval battlefields, this track is what I'd imagine we'd use in a distant future - to keep human morale high as we fight for technological dominance against any robot seeking a throne in our natural world.Currently, countries on our planet are in a mad dash for technical power and expertise. As an example, China bet on Quantum Communications and Artificial Intelligence early; and even put a great deal of capital into peripheral disciplines like Cognitive Science in ~2016. It's only recently that computing, data science, cognitive science, and artificial intelligence groups [and many others] are starting to come together (even merging conferences) in the United States. Because of such early moves, China currently leads the world in AI-focused publications and launched the first quantum satellite network back in 2016.

Robots vs Humans EP

Survivorship Bias

In World War II, the US Military examined damaged aircrafts concluding that more armor was needed for the areas of the plane that received the most damage. Abraham Wald concluded the opposite: more armor was needed for the areas receiving the least damage. He reasoned that the military was only considering aircrafts that survived their missions and not those gunned down / still lost in battle; shot-down planes that weren't available to be studied.Survivorship bias is where we only consider things that pass a selection process (survivors) and not the missing failures that make up the entire picture. This cognitive bias can lead us to become overly optimistic and mistake correlation for causality by extracting common traits in "successful" data without considering present (in many cases systemic) failures.

Artist Biography

Who is RiBeets?

Raised in a Canadian household where a classical guitar was never too far away, Ria Pacheco (aka RiBeets) has always had a passion for music. From a young age, she was often found rushing to her guitar instructor's lessons after school, practicing with her band in the garage, or listening to any and every genre that her eclectic family was blaring on the sound system -- from Carlos Santana to Wu-Tang Clan. However, it wasn't until Ria discovered the world of music production that she rekindled this love of making music.In October 2022, Ria took her first steps into the world of music production and opened the beat-loops floodgates with Serato and FL Studio. She immediately became addicted and even designed a template for manually recording FL Studio patterns quickly before forgetting them. After taking some time to revisit music theory fundamentals and study up on mixing / mastering techniques, Ria started to rapidly fire structured tracks learning more and more as she went.With musical influences ranging from Missy Elliott's head-bobbing melodies to Ludwig Goransson's creative soundscapes, Ria brings a unique blend of sound to her tracks; and she's far from finished exploring new techniques and musical instruments.Ria believes that a song should be an experience--a journey of emotion, imagination, and expression--a treat to listen through from beginning to end; and is eager to continue learning, growing, and producing music that can take people there.- ChatGPT

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